Bistro Ambrosio

Bistro Ambrosio

Bistro Ambrosio was conceptualized and opened by the Owner Hon. Ambrosio “ BOY “ Cruz Jr., In his Passion to put up a Restaurant that will fit the Resorts Vision , that concentrates on the Fun Family Experience combined with Great and Very Affordable FOOD that will surely intensify your taste buds. Adding Fusion to the Traditional and Authentic Filipino Delicacies.
Specialties such as :

Fish Kare Kare – Crispy and moist Cream Dory Fillet smothered with the original Kare Kare Peanut Sauce with the complete veggie sides of cauliflower, sitaw, talong and okra.

Crispy Hito & Tilapia – Deep fried and crispy butterflyed local fish favorites Hito and Tilapia, together with their partner Burong Kanin and Mango salsa, the perfect combination.

Sizzling Pork Sisig – This is a MUST TRY, our own version of the ever popular SISIG

Pinaputok na Pla Pla – a pound PLA-PLA Steamed to perfection combined with oriental Herbs and Spices, a sure treat for a Fish lover.

Bistro Fried Chicken – Tender and Juicy Fried Chicken ! It’s a Family Favorite.

Bulalo – Boiled, Tendered and Spiced Beef Shank at it’s Finest . You Should not Miss this.

Bistro Ambrosio also Offers very AFFORDABLE Combo Meals , Zizzling Sizzlers and Snacks.

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