Finance Your Home

If you are investing in real estate, we have all your property investment information that will help your dream of owning a home a reality.

After you’ve decided the property of your choice, your next step is to ask for a sample computation of this project. Most important, we understand that everyone’s financing needs are unique.

We are committed to providing you with specific schemes and personalized services that best meet your individual needs. As a customer, you will be able to take advantage of a number of schemes and incentives only offered by Archer Realty and Development Corporation. Here are some basic information and guides that can help you decide which payment option is best for you.

Different Payment Schemes Available

With a range of properties and payment options available, almost everybody can own a property.

Payment schemes vary on a per-project basis. Typical payment schemes include cash, near-cash, (with a certain % due for downpayment and the balance payable within 90 days), in-house financing (with a certain % due for downpayment and the balance payable within 1 to 10 years, subject to in-house approval), and bank financing (with a certain % due for downpayment from the buyer and the balance financed by the bank, payable up to a maximum of 25 years, subject to bank approval).

Applying for Financing

A step-by-step guide for easy application. A quick and easy approach in applying for in-house, bank and pag-ibig financing.